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fecha noticia 4/4/16

David Delfin Sublime

Those responsible for Cafés Candelas and David Delfín presented the new image for the Sublime coffee range, from Cafés Candelas, as part of the ‘Salón de Gourmets’, held in Madrid, and which has been created by fashion designer David Delfín.

This new image has been applied to the Sublime coffee storage containers and crockery, elements that will be distributed among the catering establishments that consume this variety of coffee.

With this project Cafés Candelas has wanted to commit its premium coffee range to a modern, up to date image that is linked to a designer of international prestige, like David Delfín.

An exclusive design created by the prestigious fashion designer David Delfín that provides a presence and distinction to the range. This modern and up to date image is an exercise in creativity that positions Sublime as an international leader in design and converts both the elements of the brand and the coffee itself into objects of desire.

At the end of the presentation there will be a Sublime coffee tasting for everyone that visits the stand.

Sublime, Italian spirit

Sublime is a blend that recovers the spirit of the authentic Italian roast tradition and the 100% Arabica coffee bean origin. This range, available in natural and decaffeinated coffee varieties, is the crowning moment for Candelas in its premium range, the highest expression of coffee, a pure blend designed to satisfy pleasure using pleasure.

A fine, aromatic bean that creates an extraordinary coffee, which extols the taste of every drop. The Italian roast brings our gourmet character to Sublime, as it enhances the aroma of the bean while retaining its original flavour and creating a consistent and creamy body. The ideal roast for the perfect espresso.

Sublime’s Tasting Notes: raised body; intense aroma; medium-high acidity; lingering in the mouth.

Sublime, The Premium Coffee

Sublime is part of The Premium Coffee range, the top reference in this premium range. In addition to Sublime’s quality, with a gourmet blend, the range offers a series of services that provide added value to customers.

Sublime’s exclusivity and excellence, a range that is sold exclusively in the Horeca channel, results in a complete range of items and services offered by Candelas to their customers. This way, catering establishments will have a customised training plan and follow-up from Candelas, as well as a series of benefits and sales perks for their loyalty. In addition, the exclusivity of Sublime is translated into its image, designed by the prestigious fashion designer David Delfín, which creates a unique coffee storage container and crockery, in the same league as a special blend.

Candelas, the coffee brand

Cafés Candelas is a family company with more than 40 years experience in the coffee sector. It is an example of progressive and sustainable growth, evolving from small family business to a company with international presence in the food and catering industry.

The effort and dedication of Candelas generations have converted it into the leading domestic brand in selling coffee and accessories to the Horeca channel, where it focuses 85% of its sales. The Food business represents 13% of our turnover, while vending and online sales are 1%, respectively.