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Cookies Policy

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small files that are placed in your computer, telephone or other device by a website and  contain details of your browsing history on that website. Cookies are necessary to make browsing easier and more user-friendly and they do not damage your computer.
Although this policy refers to the general term ‘cookie’, which is the principal method used by this website to store information, the browser’s ‘local storage’ space is also used for the same purpose as cookies. As a result, all the information included in this section is likewise applicable to this 'local storage' system.

What are cookies for on this website?

Cookies are an essential part of the way our website works. The main aims of our cookies is to enhance your browsing experience – by remembering things such as your preferences (language, country, etc.) whilst browsing and for future visits, etc.
The information collected by cookies also enables us to improve the website thanks to estimates regarding usage figures and patterns. We can also adapt the website to users’ personal interests and speed up the search processes, etc.

What are cookies NOT used for on this website?

We do not store sensitive information of personal identification such as  addresses, passwords, credit card data, etc., in the cookies that we use.
Neither do we use cookies to guide advertising to our users according to their navigation or or other advertising aims, nor ours or third parties'.

Who uses the information stored in the cookies?

The information stored in our website's cookies is used exclusively by us, except for those of Google Analytics, which is used and managed by Google and by ourselves for statistical purposes; and for Adthis, Facebook and Twitter, used by these three platforms in order to provide their services.

Can I disable the use of cookies?

Yes, cookies may be deactivated. However, if you choose this configuration, this may prevent you from access to certain parts of our website, causing a less efficient browsing experience. Also, you may not be able to take full advantage of some of our services.
If you prefer to restrict, block or delete the cookies of this website, you may do so by modifying the configuration of your browser. Despite the settings of each browser being different, the cookies configuration is normally carried out via the “Preferences” or “Tools” menu. Below you will find all information need.

Manage the use of cookies

Notwithstanding the above, users can configure their browser to accept or reject all cookies by default or be notified of the reception of each cookie and decide at that time whether or not allowing it their hard drive.
To that end, we recommend that you visit your browser's help section in order to find out how to change your current configuration.
Also, the USER has the ability to revoke at any time his consent for Cafés Candelas SL’s use of cookies by setting up his browser’s configuration as indicated above.
Keep in mind that disabling such cookies could prevent certain sections of THE WEB from working correctly. Please read your browser instructions and user’s manuals to find out more about the information below:
If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu option, select Internet Options and accede to Privacy. For more information:
If you use Firefox for Mac, from the Preferences menu option, select Privacy, Show Cookies access paragraph and Windows on the Tools menu option, select Options, then Privacy access to Use custom settings for history. For more information:
If you use Safari, from the Preferences option in the menu, select Privacy. For more information:
If you use Google Chrome, from the Tools menu option, select Options (Preferences on Mac), and then click through to the Advanced Content option in the Settings section of the Privacy and Cookies finally marking the Settings dialog content. For more information:

What specific cookies are used in this website?

Cookies used by this website and their purpose are described below:
a) Identification and authentication Cookies: these cookies are used to identify the user during his session, avoiding the need to repeat the authentication process on the website and accelerate some processes of the website:
• User identification (WC_AUTHENTICATION_<userid>, WC_USERACTIVITY_<userid>): used to identify and authenticate the user. It also contains technical data of the user session such as, for example, the connection timeout, the session ID, etc.
• HTTP Session (JSESSIONID, "Local storage"): identifies the user's http session. It is common in all  web applications to identify user's requests during a session.
• Identification of user' session (symfony): it is a cookie that is used to store user' session data.
b) Third party cookies: we use third-party services such as Google Maps, Adthis, Facebook, Twitter, and some of these services require cookies to function. We cannot control the dissemination of these cookies. You can view the website of these third parties to obtain more information about them.
• Google (PREF, NID): Google tracking cookies and safe navigation. Google PREF and NID are set by browsers to protect users against sites of known intruders. By using one these sites you're allowing your browser to take action or informed. Users can halt these cookies by disabling the browser mode ' Safe Browsing '.
• Share content with Adthis (_atuvc): a function that allows visitors to share a page via Facebook, Twitter, email and other means. This feature provides information to an external company called AddThis, which uses a cookie to recompile anonymous information when you visit these sites. Although not presenting advertisements on our sites, AddThis can use the information collected although it does not identify you personally during your visits to those sites to other sites, it displays advertisements about goods and services that may be of interest.
• Facebook (_datr): this security system called "Delta", will check at every login if the user account is being used fraudulently by a third party. This check is performed with the DATR cookie and the information it contains. This cookie applies to any computer that ever agreed to the Facebook usage page and has a lifespan of 2 years (unless  cookies are removed).
• Twitter (guest_id): this cookie is used to identify a twitter, if you do not have a Twitter account or never had access to the website, Twitter directly assigns a unique code to track your visit to Twitter. Twitter has the ability to track the surfing habits of users who do not have a Twitter account and never visited Twitter website before. By using the same browser to create a Twitter account the data collected in the past can be linked theoretically to the newly created profile. This cookie will expire two years after the creation.
c) Analysis of Cookies navigation : these cookies get general information on user's access to the website (in contents) to provide those disclosures and subsequently aggregate information for statistical purposes.
• Origin (WC_GASource): used to know the origin of a user that lands on a particular page of a website, for example, coming from a page detailing a range of products, from a search engine or from an external site.
• Google Analytics (__atuvc, __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz, uid): allows you to track websites using Google Analytics' tool, which is a service provided by Google to obtain information from  user's access to websites. Some of the data stored for further analysis are: the number of times the user has visited the website, data from  first to last visit, duration of visits, the page where the user accessed the website from, the search engine the user used to reach the website or the link that has been selected in the world from which you access the user, etc.. The configuration of these cookies is predetermined by Google service, which is why we suggest that you check the privacy page of Google Analytics, (, for more information about cookies and how to disable them (meaning we are not responsible for the content or accuracy of third party websites).
Note: This list will be updated with the greatest speed possible as the website services change that is offered on this website. However, it could occasionally occur during these updates, that the list no longer includes cookies, although it always deals with cookies with identical aims as those recorded in this list.